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Ear Candle

60 minute | 190.000 (IDR) ++ / Pax
Ear candle therapy is good for reducing health problems such as insomnia, migraine, vertigo, and stress. the most popular treatment for improving ear and nose health.

Facial Treatment

60 minute | 225.000 (IDR) ++ / Pax
Natural facials without using a machine. good for all skin types, able to tighten the skin and moisturize.

Indian Head Shirodara

180 minute | 750.000 (IDR) ++ / Pax

The most unique therapy because it uses special skills to help overcome, relax, and launch nerves. Combination of creambath hair and massage can relieve stress symptoms, resolved and assisted

Foot Reflexology

60 minute | 190.000 (IDR) ++ / Pax
Emphasis on foot points can eliminate cramps and tingling so that the body becomes more fit. reflexy opens the nerve node knots of blood vessels and promotes blood circulation.

Manicure or Padicure

60 minute | 150.000 (IDR) ++ / Pax
Nail Care offers wide selection of treatments and colors. We use high quality products from start to finish for your skin. Your hands and feet will be more beautiful than your expectation. You can have a pleasant experience.
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